1) Peru cold wave Early Action Protocol


Prioritized Impacts: Acute respiratory infections, mortality and morbidity of livestock.

Target: 625 HH.

Lead time: 5 days.

Early actions: 1) Distribution of veterinary kits, materials to install a temporary shelter for alpacas, protection kit for alpaca herders, warm clothing for children under five years, material for house insulation.  2) Disease prevention and health promotion awareness raising.

Budget: CHF 249.800

2) Bangladesh Cyclone Early Action Protocol


Prioritized impacts: Loss of livelihoods, Mortality of livestock and Injuries due to non-evacuation.

Target: 4000 HH.

Lead time: 2 days.

Early actions: 1) Provision of tractors to transport people with their livestock and movable assets at the community level. 2) Distribution of food and water at the cyclone shelter level. 3) Provision of first aid service for injuries at the cyclone shelter level.

Budget: 183.200 CHF

3) Mozambique Cyclone Early Action Protocol


Cyclone: Mozambique Red Cross

Prioritized impacts: Damage to individual houses. Disruption of infrastructures such as schools, health centres. Increased endemic diseases.

Target: 1500 HH

Lead time: 3 days.

Early actions: 1) Awareness messages (radio, TV, megaphone). 2) Rapid training in housing and school reinforcement. 3) Housing and school reinforcement. 4) Distribution of chlorine (Certeza) and buckets.

Budget: 249.000 CHF

4) Mongolia Dzud (Extreme Winter) Early Action Protocol


Dzud: Mongolia Red Cross

Prioritized impacts: Mortality of livestock.

Target: 1000 HH.

Lead time: 2 months.

Early actions: 1) Cash grant to allow herders to stock hay and fodder. 2) Distribution of veterinary kit.

Budget: 250.000 CHF

5) Ecuador Volcanic Ash Early Action Protocol


Volcanic Ash: Ecuador Red Cross

Forecasting volcanoes

Prioritized impacts: Protection of livelihoods (crops, livestock). Health problems.

Target: 1000 HH.

Lead time: 7- 3 days.

Early actions: 1) Awareness-raising. 2) Distribution of health protection kits. 3) Livelihood protection kits. 4) Cash grants.

Budget: 245.000 CHF

6) Peru Floods Early Action Protocol


Floods: Peru Red Cross

Prioritized impacts: Access to safe water. Health risk, especially acute diarrhea, arboviruses, cholera. Personal hygiene conditions. Damage to household infrastructure, assets and livelihoods.

Target: 1000 HH.

Lead time: 10 days.

Early actions: 1) Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST), focused on hygiene promotion, disease prevention and water use. 2) Distribution of water filters and installation of bladders. 3) Cash grants.

Budget: 247.000 CHF

7) Philippines Typhoon Early Action Protocol


Typhoon: Philippines Red Cross

Prioritized impacts: Loss of income of farmers and fishermen. House damage due to the wind.

Target: 2500 HH.

Lead time: 3 days.

Early actions: 1) Protection of livelihoods through early harvesting of crops. 3) Protection of livelihoods through evacuation of livestock & assets. 4) Distribution of House Strengthening kits.

Budget: 249.000 CHF

8) Bangladesh Floods Early Action Protocol


Floods: Bangladesh Red Crescent

Prioritized impacts: Human causality (deaths due to drowning and others). Loss of livelihood linked to livestock. Loss of movable assets and food grains.

Target: 3300 HH.

Lead time: 5-10 days.

Early actions: 1) Unconditional cash grant. 2) Evacuation by boat.

Budget: 249.000 CHF